Join Our Exclusive Gold VIP Program!

  • 15% Off Any Invoice
  • First Plumbing / Heating Inspection (Valued at $320+GST)
  • Complimentary Small Clog Removal (Valued at $300+GST)
  • Priority Service Within 24Hrs (Valued at $475+GST)
  • Waived Administration Fees for Credit Card Payments
  • 5 Referrals to friends and families gets One Additional Year Free
  • Discounted First Hour Call Out Fee (Valued at $180-$300+GST)
  • 15% Off Discount is transferable up to 3 people (one per person)
  • Complimentary Quotes with Site Assessments (Valued at $180+GST)
  • 20% Off Any Emergency Service Call Out (Not Stackable)


  • 15% Off Any Invoice: Members enjoy a generous 15% discount on all service invoices, facilitating significant savings across all your plumbing and heating needs.
  • Waived First Inspection Fee: Kickstart your membership with a complimentary initial plumbing or heating inspection, a crucial preventive measure to ensure your systems are flawless and efficient, valued at $320+GST.
  • Complimentary Small Clog Removal: Benefit from a free small clog removal service, perfect for quickly addressing those sudden, minor inconveniences without the extra expense (up to 25 feet), valued at $300+GST.
  • Priority Service Within 24hrs: Gain access to our exclusive priority service guarantee, ensuring we address your urgent needs within 24 hours—a premium service valued at $475+GST.
  • Waived Administration Fee for Credit Card Payments: Enjoy the convenience of credit card payments without any additional administration fees, enhancing your experience and savings.
  • Complimentary Quotes with Site Assessments and Consultations: Make informed decisions with our free quotes, including detailed site assessments and consultations, offering you clarity and confidence in your projects, valued at $180+GST.
  • 20% Off Emergency Service Call Outs: In critical times, benefit from a 20% discount on any emergency service call-out fee, ensuring swift, expert care when you need it the most (Note: This discount is not stackable with other discounts).
  • Discounted First Hour Call Out Fee: Receive a special discounted rate for the first hour on call-out fees, providing immediate savings and support, valued between $180-$300+GST.
  • Referral Program: Your satisfaction can be shared! Refer five friends or family members, and receive an additional one-year membership FREE, valued at $480. It's our way of saying thank you for spreading the word about our quality services.
  • Transferable 15% Off Discount: Share the love with unlimited amount of people, allowing them to enjoy a one-time 15% discount on our services (one per person/household), extending the value of your membership beyond your home.

Why Choose Us?

Our Premium Annual Membership is more than just a subscription; it's a partnership in maintaining the health and efficiency of your home's essential systems. With Impetus Plumbing And Heating LTD, you're not just getting services; you're gaining an ally in home maintenance, ensuring your living space remains comfortable, safe, and efficiently managed all year round.

Join our membership today and transform how you care for your home, with Impetus Plumbing And Heating LTD leading the way in service, value, and satisfaction.